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Here's a second, very important question to consider: When it comes to legal representation, do you know the difference between aggressive and assertive?

A good attorney understands the fine-line distinction; a great attorney easily navigates between these two positions of constraint. Whether it’s effectively persuading unwilling negligent parties to pay just compensation or successfully negotiating a pretrial settlement, timely escape from the bondage of one principle while seamlessly implementing the other will ultimately determine the success level of your personal injury case.

Think of me as a legal Houdini. Your Esquire of Emancipation, so to speak.

It was during my employ as a contract attorney in Houston that I first learned the significance of “Dynamic Diplomacy.” You see, no matter the extent of their reckless conduct or the severity of physical harm inflicted as a direct result, the negligent parties involved – and their corresponding representatives – rarely, if ever, give a diabolical damn about the ultimate effect those injuries have on the life of another.

YOUR life.

It’s imperative the at-fault parties and their contractual representatives come to understand how the careless and inattentive acts of others are truly life altering. That’s where I come in. While you’re taking every measure to medically recover to the fullest extent possible, I’ll be in the trenches vigorously representing your interests. From start to finish.

So call the office.  Or take a moment to fill out the free consultation form.  As ever-changing circumstances emerge, allow me the opportunity to aggressively and assertively work my magical craft.

Because when it comes to injury, you should take it personally.

Setterberg Law Office