Attorney Bio

Randy Setterberg

If you’re seeking a run-of-the-mill, cookie cutter, prototype attorney to represent your personal injury case, Randy Setterberg has some simple yet straightforward advice:

Take a hike.

He’s not to be bothered with traditional methods. In today’s constantly evolving times, an effective attorney knows how to implement a well-crafted plan while revising the strategy accordingly.

You see, his process from layperson to lawyer was highly unconventional. Like actually working his way through high school. Or quitting a cushy Southern California bank job to rub chainsaws with Paul Bunyan wannabees in the deep woods of Washington State. He’s driven a beverage truck, delivered snack foods, sold delicatessen provisions - even worked for the Gallo brothers, Earnest and Julio. Then, after managing two high profile beverage wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest, he did something rather perplexing:

He returned to school full time, aspiring to analyze what he’d been doing for the past 14 years.

After an eight-year grind at two separate institutions of higher learning (directly followed by an extended sabbatical as an Executive Host at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Nevada – but that’s another story) Randy finally decided to put his law license to work for the working person.

Why? Because he’s been on YOUR end of it. He’s experienced workplace calamities, sports injuries, business premise accidents, and animal attacks.  And crashes.  Oh, the collisions. Randy’s been fender-bendered, sideswiped, wiped-out, T-boned, broken-boned, overrun, and damn near run over by every two and four-wheeled contraption in existence.  Ouch.

And every time Randy was injured, he took it personally. You should, too.

So let Randy’s personal experience with injury work for you. Call Setterberg Law Office today for a free consultation.

How personal is YOUR injury?