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Accident Attorney

Industrial factory employment is very important work. Much of the country depends on the output produced by the men and women who grind it out 12 to 14 hours at a time. Unfortunately, because production virtually always trumps safety, the workers’ welfare is often compromised.  As such, industrial accidents are too often commonplace.

The reasons are many.  Aging, faulty, and/or defective equipment can malfunction, leading to injury. The improper use of properly working equipment can be just as hazardous. Falling objects lead to serious maiming or permanent disablement. And flying debris can severely harm or incapacitate a once healthy, well-functioning plant employee.

Though federal and state laws are in place to protect the American plant worker, thousands every year are killed due to irresponsible employers, negligent coworkers, or other third parties whose reckless behavior caused the accident. Construction mishaps, plant explosions, workplace flooding, structure/wall collapse, and manufacturing or fabrication fires are just a few of the many industrial disasters that can instantly destroy human lives.

As of 2014, nearly 60% of industrial deaths in the United States were associated with construction, extraction/mining, installation, maintenance and repair, and production and transportation/material moving activities (http://www.bls.gov/iif/oshwc/cfoi/all_worker.pdf). Unfortunately, Texas led all states in fatalities, losing 36% more lives to industrial accidents than the next closest state (California). While providing much needed resources for the rest of our country, the Texas industrial labor force often places themselves at huge risk of life and limb.

No amount of compensation will ever fully make up for what has happened to you or a loved one. But occupational safeguards are in place for a reason, and the employer has a duty to make sure their workers are not subjected to conceivable hazards. If workplace safety protocol was minimized, compromised, or altogether dismissed, the employer should be held accountable. The need to recover fiscal damages due to the financial hardship associated with medical expenses, lost wages, even loss of life, is very real.

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