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Texas is a “fault state” meaning the injured party must first prove that the other party was somehow “at fault” before damages can be recovered. There is no serious injury threshold in the state of Texas.


There are many different types of moving apparatus on our roads today. In a town like Nacogdoches, where Stephen F. Austin University maintains a prominent community presence, students utilize public transportation, mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, unicycles, motorized wheelchairs, and good ‘ol fashion pedestrian know how to commute to and from classes and school events. This increases the odds that, due to a narrowed and/or lowered visual profile, they will not be seen during the course of their travels. Or, if they are seen, unfortunately it may not be until after a collision has occurred.

Process: When an injury results from a transport commute, moving vehicle, or motor vehicle collision, the injured party may be eligible for compensation if he/she can show that damages were the result of another driver’s and/or moving party’s negligence. The law does not require you hire Setterberg Law Office or any other counsel in order to file a personal injury claim; however, you stand a much greater chance of maximizing your compensation if you retain legal representation. This allows you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries while Setterberg Law Office gathers materials like police reports, witness statements, photographs, medical records, and other relevant evidence to help establish liability, proving the fullest extent of your injuries.

The majority of personal injury cases end in settlement; however, should the negligent party and their representatives refuse to offer reasonable and just compensation, then Setterberg Law Office will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Settlement negotiations may still continue right up until the case is brought to trial, where an applicable blend of aggressive and assertive litigation techniques will  give you the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

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