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So you’ve been thinking about creating a will; ya know, a little “just in case” something to keep that meddlesome half-brother from getting his hands on your postmortem bounty. But heck, you’ve barely hit mid-thirties, you stay active, and have never felt better.  Plenty of time . . . . .

Famous last words.

Especially when your active, single’s lifestyle is suddenly transformed into a matrimonial alliance, complete with extended lineage.  NOW what?  You’ve spent a good chuck of your existence gathering myriad assets for your select consumption and enjoyment – do you really want the disposition of those possessions and resources left to chance?

You need a will.  And it’s got to be legal.  You, as testator, must have “capacity.”  You must properly declare the document, and you must set forth specific provision(s) that properly identify the distribution and dissemination of your effects.

Later, depending on the latest family editions (or detractions) you may choose to add, augment, supplement, or enhance certain provisions of your final testamentary intent - or omit someone altogether.  You’ve accumulated securities, investments, properties and other capital assets in your well-crafted portfolio.  All these additions and subtractions - or additions by subtractions - must be promptly and properly recorded for them to take legal affect.  And what about this option called a “living” will?

You really want to leave all these hard-earned holdings to a plug-n-play website “authority?”

Protect what’s yours.  Protect it now.  Give us a call.

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